The Arizona Craft Cannabis™ cultivation facility is located in Tempe, Arizona. This extremely sophisticated facility has been featured on HBO and is one of the most pristine indoor cultivation facilities in the entire country. We select our craft strains after extensive research and development. We use two different methods of hydroponics, both of which we consider proprietary. After selection, we usually dedicate an entire room to each specific strain. This provides for for a precisely measured and specific nutrient delivery to an entire room of the same strain. Each strain does best at a specific temperature, specific lighting, specific nutrients, specific hydroponics, and specific flowering time.

An extremely controlled environment allows for the meticulous care of each and every plant. This dedicated care then results in the full expression of their genetic potential, releasing full potency and terpenes. Our skilled cultivators, harvest team, and packaging personnel are dedicated to delivering the finest medical cannabis available. The entire process from nursery to cure is expensive and arduous, but the end result is medical cannabis perfected.

Arizona Craft Cannabis will introduce new strains on a quarterly basis and rotates them in a perpetual harvest. Our craft strains are available in eighths of an ounce vacuum sealed jars.

Every patient deserves the finest in medical cannabis.

Enjoy Arizona Craft Cannabis.


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